Neena Gulati, Founder/Director

Neena Gulati was born in New Delhi, India, and began dancing when she was only four years old. She performed her arangetram at the Fine Arts Theater, New Delhi in 1961. Critics applauded her debut with comments such as the following from Youth of India: "Neena has an inimitable style. The flawless sense of rhythm and deep devotion with which she dances with abandon places her as one of the leading young Bharatanatyam dancers in the capital. She is intensity and enchantment...there is not one in Delhi's crop of young performers to match Kumari Neena's accurate style and creativeness."

A master of the Pandanallur style of Bharatanatyam, Neena Gulati has received high critical acclaim for her professsional performances throughout India and the United States. In 1964, Neena was invited to to perform at the United Nations General Assembly. Since moving to the US in 1967, she has performed at countless functions and universities across the continent and in England. Neena has taught at Brown University and has been a guest artist at several universities in New England. She gives lecture-demonstrations, explaining and demonstrating her art form to varied audiences. She also collaborates with artists of different disciplines, including actors, musicians, dancers, and poets. She has been involved in numerous benefit performances and has choreographed dance dramas. An energetic and loving teacher, Neena is an excellent example of the guru-shishya tradition of teaching that has preserved the purity of Indian classical dance since the time of the Vedas. The Boston Globe described her as a "pioneer in bringing classical Indian dance in all its nuance to new England."
The Boston Dance Alliance, an independent organization that supports dance across the Boston metropolitan area, named Neena Gulati its 2016 Dr. Michael Shannon Dance Champion. This award, created in 2004, recognizes those who have made important and lasting contributions to the dance landscape in Boston. An anonymous nomination recommending her for this honor noted that “at Triveni, Neena Gulati takes traditional pieces and re-choreographs them with a contemporary aesthetic, producing a fusion that entrances both Indians and Americans and allows them to explore wisdom held in the ancient scriptures.”

Oami Amarasingham

Oami completed her arangetram in 2000. She has been teaching at Triveni since 2003. She teaches all three styles of dance at Triveni.

Suma Anand

Suma has been a student of Neena Gulati since 2004. She completed her arangetram in June 2013 and has been teaching since 2014.

Kruti Avadhani

Kruti began her training at the age of 5 in Hyderabad, India. After moving to Boston in 2001, she completed her arangetram in 2008 and continues to intensify her training.

Prnay Chopra

Prnay completed his rangapravesam at Triveni in 2016. He then traveled to Chennai, India, where he pursued full-time advanced training in Kuchipudi from leading gurus.

Gayatri Deodhar
Gayatri began her training in Bharanatyam at the age of 5 with Sivagami Vanka at Kalabharathi School of Dance in Beaverton, OR, and continued with Kalashri Asha Gopal at Arathi School of Dance in Phoenix, AZ. She completed her arangetram in 200 and has been teaching at Triveni since 2015.
Anvita Hanchate

Anvita has been a student of Neena Gulati since 2003. She completed her arangetram in June 2014 and has been teaching since then.

Uma Khemraj

Uma has been learning dance since she was four years old. She completed her arangetram in 2015 and has been teaching Bharatanatyam at Triveni since then.

Sonali Lappin

Sonali began training with Neena Gulati at age 4 in Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, and Odissi dance styles. She completed her solo Arangetram in 2007 at age 17. She has been teaching Bharatanatyam since 2016.

Maansi Patel

Maansi has been learning dance since 2005. She completed her arangetram in August 2016 and teaches Bharatanatyam and Odissi.

Monali Pathak

Monali began her classical dance training under Neena Gulati at the Triveni School in 1995. In 2005, she completed her arangetram. She began teaching at Triveni in 2015.

Shriya Rathi

Shriya has been a student of Bharatnatyam since 2001. She completed her arangetram alongside her sister in 2012. Shriya has been teaching at Triveni since 2014.

Priyanka Subash

Priyanka has been learning dance since 1992. She completed her arangetram in 2002 and teaches Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi and Odissi.

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